Four Nine Shoe Closet LLC was founded in the year of 2017 by Founder and Owner Quintessa McCollum (Instagram: @Pretty_lil_Picturee). The online boutique 4|9 is the numerical abbreviation of Quintessa’s birthday, April 9th. The name 4|9 was chosen because the ultimate goal is to make every woman feel special as if it’s their birthday every time they wear a pair of 4|9 shoes. There are many purposes behind the start of 4|9 but the main purpose was to provide affordable shoes for women, worldwide. The design of the boutique was created to build women’s self-esteem with an elegant shoe, while also being able to compliment many different styles from casual or formal attire. Not only will 4|9 build self-esteem, it’ll take a woman’s confidence to a higher level as well. Here at 4|9, we believe in feminism. Women can be just as powerful as their male counterparts or even more! There’s absolutely no better way to achieve your goals than by strutting in a fabulous, jaw dropping, 4|9 shoe!

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